How To Target First Time Buyers (and Specifically Renters)

The Renters ad is one of the most powerful ads you can run. Every single time this ad runs, it elicits dozens of calls from prospects who pick up the phone and call. Not all of these callers are financially qualified to buy a home (although many are), and for this reason, there is an automatic sifting criteria built into the website script which weed out prospects you’d rather not work with BEFORE you waste your time following up with them.

This ad is targeted at First Time Buyers, and the copy draws them in by painting a picture they can see themselves in. What does this mean? Well, it means this. When this ad was written, the question asked was “How does it feel to be a renter?”

It was easy enough to answer this question. MOST of us know how it feels. As a renter, you feel like you haven’t quite made it yet. You know that you don’t really have control over your living space because you have to ask permission to do this or that to make it feel like yours. You know that your landlord could ask you to leave and take your “home” away from you. You know that every dollar you spend on rent simply goes to your landlord’s pocket and does nothing to help you with your future. There is no equity in renting. Underneath it all, you feel a little inadequate . . . a little resentful.

Mostly, these feelings would sit below the surface for most people. These feelings would exist, but they wouldn’t preoccupy most prospects thoughts unless they were very close to trying to get out of renter status and into the class of home “owners”. This ad is very carefully worded to bring these emotions to the surface — to speak the thoughts that are in the back of their minds and, importantly, to make an offer promising to help them easily find their way out: “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been renting, or how insurmountable your financial situation may seem. With the help of this report, it will become suddenly clear to you how you really can save for a down payment and stop wasting thousands of dollars on rent.” All they have to do to be rescued is visit your website to get a private, free report.

Why it works:

It is important to hit the prospect’s emotional  hot buttons by understanding what is motivating them. This learning is then applied to your marketing. Simply put, over and above our “physical” needs (i.e. food, water and shelter) there are some basic “psychological” or emotional needs that ALL of us as human beings crave. The first of these needs is SAFETY, which, in extensive human study, translates into the need for security, stability and protection. For real estate agents, SAFETY means four walls and a roof that our prospects crave to call their own. And nowhere is this SAFETY hot button more powerful than in First Time Buyers.

This ad works because it prods the SAFETY hot button and offers to help these buyers to get out of a situation they are unhappy in. It offers to help them achieve their need for security, stability and protection by helping them to easily own their own home.

If you are a subscriber to the Success Website, prospects are able to order this (and many other) reports online when they visit your website.  All you need to do is run the ad.   No further work is required from you.

Editorial Ad:

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