December 2010 Release… Improved Site Interactivity.

Our web development team has just released some new optional features for your SuccessWebsite.

The NEW Related Content Search Tool provides quick links to different reports articles based on the common words and phrases that appear throughout your website. For example, a prospect reading a report on how to obtain a mortgage might see an information symbol beside the word “mortgage” – moving their mouse pointer over this symbol will pop up a box listing your other reports about mortgages on the site.

This allows the site user even more ways to self direct their navigation. The related content is automatically ranked by relevancy based on the currently viewed content. Filtering can also be applied based on current buyer and/or seller preferences making it easier to interactively find exactly the best content for their situation. You can also cross link between multiple sites in the related content.

SuccessWebsite Related Content Tool

In addition we have increased both the content and interactivity of your website, further positioning you as the most knowledgeable and qualified expert in your sales area. Highlights include:

  • NEW Special Reports on a range of topics, including Investment Properties, Vacation Homes, and Renovating.
  • NEW Graphics on page headers and in special reports, conveying more information and visually distinguishing different pages.
  • NEW Audio Summaries of reports, presenting the information in a different form.

You can review these features here. This link will take you to an example of our NEW Real Estate Glossary page, where you can see the Related Content tool in action, and quickly navigate to reports to see the new graphics, audio and reports.

As always, we invite your feedback in the comments below.