Introducing the SuccessWebsite

Dear Friend and Success Website subscriber,

Congratulations!  By choosing the Success Website you have taken a giant step towards revolutionizing your real estate business and your life.

Before going any further, you NEED to understand why the Success Website is different from all the other ineffective real estate websites out there.  As you will soon see, there really is no comparison.

There are two things you need to know:

1.  A web site can be an incredibly profitable tool in your real estate business! You ABSOLUTELY NEED to have one immediately.  Realizing this is the first step (congratulations again).

2.  The vast majority of real estate web sites are a complete waste of time and money.

Your web site should be extremely profitable.  However, if it isn’t developed, maintained and promoted correctly it can be a frustrating and costly venture. 

The shocking truth…

A recent review of real estate web sites, revealed that only 2% of the sites studied were likely to be effective in generating new business.  READ THIS CAREFULLY – 98% of the agents studied are essentially throwing their money away on poorly designed, ineffective web sites.

What are the 2% doing?  Well, for one, they are making a lot of money, each and every month by making the Internet an integral part of their business.  What would it be worth to you to complete one or two extra deals each and every month, with little extra effort?  $5,000 per month?  $10,000 per month?  $100,000 per year?  More?  It won’t be long before many agents are making over $1 million per year from their web sites alone.

Worse, imagine what can happen if your competitors are in the 2%?  How would your cash flow look if you suddenly started losing one or two deals each month?  Can you really afford NOT to be doing this stuff right? 

I know.  You are busy.  Pre-occupied with your real estate business.  Aggravated with that dumb-dumb that you have to deal with everyday at the office.  Frustrated with the annoying client whose home just won’t sell.  Tired.  Who has the time or the energy to even think about the Internet? 

Technology is already revolutionizing the real estate industry.  Early in the new millennium, the top 5% of all agents will capture 95% of the real estate transactions.  If you’re NOT using technology effectively, you may become the proverbial “deer in the headlights” of your competitors. 

An integral part of the “Real Estate Office of the Future” is the Internet.  Never before has there been such an effective means of developing a meaningful two-way relationship with your customers and automatically increasing your sales.

Remember, years ago, when you first heard about something called a “fax machine”?  Or a “cellular phone”?  Did you think these were just fads, techno-gimmicks with no long-lasting place in your real estate operation?  Or did you see them as new opportunities to help your business?  Can you imagine doing business without them today?

Just like the fax and cell phone, the Internet is an incredible opportunity to catapult your sales to a new level by leveraging yourself with technology.  The Internet is NOT a fad, either – over 100 million people are now online in the U.S. and Canada, and this number is growing rapidly!  In fact, many experts predict that within just a few years, the Internet will be far more important to your business than your telephone.

Even more important for you, the Internet is used primarily by middle and upper-class families with children – a prime demographic for real estate marketing.  If they are not there already, it won’t be long before the vast majority of your target market is “on the Net”.

What the vast majority of realtors are doing WRONG on the Internet

Every year, real estate agents from all over the globe spend millions of dollars on colorful, beautiful and expensive brochures and advertisements.  These polished pieces are filled with clever lines that promise “quality”, “integrity” and “service”.

This type of advertising is called “image” or “institutional” advertising.  Image ads usually talk about how great the person paying for the ad is, or some other non-compelling foolishness.  This type of advertising provides no benefits to prospects, and gives little or no reason for prospects to favor you with their business.

These “image” ads don’t make the phone ring.  Why?  Well, to begin with, “quality”, “integrity” and “service” mean different things to your prospects.  These terms are too big to be useful.  Furthermore, everyone is saying the same vague old generalities.

Think about all the advertisements you are inundated with on a daily basis.  Did you know that the average person is exposed to thousand of messages each week from TV, radio, print, newspaper, mail, Internet, etc., etc., etc.  Do you process all these advertisements?  Or have you unconsciously (or consciously) devised a strategy to deal (or, more to the point, not deal) with all this advertising?

Of course you have.  It’s called Tuning Out.  Ignoring.  By-passing.  Avoiding.  Zapping.  You see, the fact of the matter is… You can’t make anyone read what they’re NOT interested in.

It’s that simple.  People don’t want to be sold.  They DO want to be helped, but they don’t want to be sold.

Image advertising is a shameful waste of your hard-earned money.  It focuses on the agent.  Image advertising makes statements like:

  • I’m #1
  • We Are The Biggest
  • I Sell a Lot of Houses
  • I Give Great Service
  • I Care About Your Business
  • List With Me

What’s wrong with this?  Well, several things are wrong with ads like these:

  • there are no benefits for the prospect
  • they don’t tell a complete story
  • they don’t make a specific offer
  • they don’t include a call for action
  • they’re not measurable or trackable
  • they don’t give prospects any reason to contact you

As far as your prospect is concerned, these are empty, meaningless, same-old boasts.

Most agents think the purpose of marketing is to promote themselves, but this isn’t true.  The purpose of your marketing is to ATTRACT prospects.

What successful marketers understand is that they must concentrate on your prospects’ needs and wants.  This kind of advertising is called Emotional Direct Response Marketing (or Direct Response).  Direct response marketing is as UNLIKE image advertising as it is from cold call prospecting.  With effective direct response marketing, you offer people what they are dying to know, and then they contact you to get it.  Your prospect is motivated (not manipulated) into action on their own volition.

Direct response marketing, by its very name is self-explanatory.  It is designed to evoke an immediate response, action, visit, call or purchasing decision from the viewer or reader.  Direct response advertising directs people to action.  It compels readers, viewers, or listeners to contact you to buy or sell a home.

So how does the Internet fit into all this?

When it comes to the Internet, most realtors make exactly the same mistakes.  They create beautiful “image”-style web sites that do very little to address the needs of their prospects, let alone compel them to identify themselves to the agent.  In fact, the very same emotional direct response techniques may even be better suited to the Internet.

Why is this?  People love to use the Internet because it offers a non-threatening and hassle-free way to gather news, facts, advice, etc.  They know they can visit your web site without the pressure of talking to a sales representative or being sold.  They know they won’t have to talk to anyone if they don’t want to.  They can spend as much time as they want looking at information without feeling threatened.

Clearly, this is a double-edged sword.  People know they can visit your site without the hassle of being contacted, but you want to talk to the real prospects.  The SOLUTION – use direct response marketing techniquesThe last thing people want to do is “raise their hand” so that a salesperson can contact them.  In order to overcome this reluctance, even fear of being sold, you must give them forceful and compelling reasons to contact you.  When you create direct response advertising, you create a message that compels readers to raise their hand and announce themselves to you.

Contrast this with the typical, ineffective and wasteful image (or institutional) style web sites that most agents are using.  Almost every realtor site that you see, tells you how great the agent paying for the site is, and how stable they are, or some other cute and non-compelling gibberish.  It doesn’t convey any meaningful or compelling reason for the viewer to favor your business over any other, let alone compel any action or buying decision.

Combine direct response with the most empowering communication medium of all time, and you’ve got the ultimate real estate sales tool.  To begin to understand this statement, and explain why most web sites are ineffective, it is important to know why people use the Internet.

This is where most web sites FAIL abysmally!

The vast majority of real estate web site developers are technicians or graphic artists, NOT marketing experts.  They spend far too much time and money developing a “cool-look” for your site, rather than presenting compelling benefits to your potential prospects.  Too much effort is spent linking to third party content (which usually will just bleed your traffic away), rather than working on new and better ways to ensure that visitors turn into prospects and in turn into paying clients.  

This is why it is so important to recognize that unless your web site developer really understands direct response marketing and selling real estate, you can’t rely on him to write YOUR message or develop your site!

How big a difference can this make? 

Let’s say your site gets just 50 visitors each month (this is easily achievable with a minimum of promotion).  If your site doesn’t use direct response methods, you’ll be very lucky to get one prospect a month to identify themselves.

Compare this with a site that uses the best direct response techniques — multiple compelling benefits, forceful headlines, non-wimpy specific testimonials, carefully worded copy, and strong guarantees.  With this type of site, the response rate can easily reach 20% to 25% (conservatively, let’s say five additional prospects per month).  Do the math.  If you can convert only one of these extra prospects at an average commission of $2,500, you’ve increased your annual revenue by over $30,000.  Any increase in this response rate will go right on your bottom line!

BUT, in order to get these results, your web site has to make use of direct response.  Every page must be loaded with offers and incentives.  A headline that passes the “who cares” test.  Big promises!  Big guarantees!  Meaty testimonials!  And a call to action!

This is where the Success Website comes in…

The Success Website is the ultimate Internet solution.  It’s a complete set of Direct Response marketing tools designed to compel viewers to respond to your real estate sales message.

It’s also a complete turnkey solution — a system that automatically generates dozens of new prospects and manages your online relationships with your clients.  We provide everything you need to get your site up and running as quickly and easily as possible.  We include everything you need and guide you through all the steps to make your web site an instant automated money making machine.  You’ll find out how to attract prospects to your web site, and how to sift and sort them into qualified, ready to act, buyers and sellers.

How did we come up with such a powerful web site system?  Well, let me tell you about my friend, Craig Proctor, a real estate agent in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.  Every year since 1996, Craig has sold at least 380 homes and earned over $2 million in commissions.  He was named the #1 RE/MAX agent for North America in 1996 and 1997.  Prior to that he was the #2 agent in 1994 and 1995…and his sales haven’t let up since!  Thanks to the Internet, this promises to be his best year ever!  Very impressive, but here’s the SHOCKING TRUTH:  Craig achieved these amazing sales results with ZERO PROSPECTING…he took most weekends off…AND he took over 10 weeks of vacation with his family!  By most standards, he only works part-time in real estate and even has time to run another highly successful business as well.  Yet every single day, Craig generates an average of 47 sales leads.

How does he do it?  Is he some kind of sales magician?  NO.  Craig uses an incredible HIGH INCOME / REDUCED EFFORT SYSTEM that has customers banging down the door to do business with him.  No joke: people actually wait to sell their home until Craig can fit time in his schedule to take them on!

Craig calls it the Quantum Leap Real Estate Sales Success System, and it’s the most comprehensive collection of real estate marketing strategies ever assembled.  One of the key strategies of the Quantum Leap system is direct response advertising – developing sales messages that create an emotional response in the reader, compelling them to overcome their natural reluctance to announce themselves, motivating them to contact you, generating sales leads and prospects from areas you didn’t think possible.  And all without the back-breaking work most realtors have to put in to achieve the same results.

The Quantum Leap Real Estate Sales Success System isn’t just some “magic pill” developed by a “razzle-dazzle success coach”.  It’s a PROVEN SYSTEM created and used by a realtor who does exactly what you do, who understands your business.  That’s worth repeating: Craig uses these tools in his own top-producing real estate business.  He’s not a “marketing guru” or “magic secret vendor”, he’s a real estate agent just like you!

So how did Craig’s incredible discovery lead to the Success Website?  Craig was quick to realize the potential of the Internet to help his business.  It’s active around the clock, every day and it provides information hassle-free to prospects without wasting his time.  Why work like a machine when you can get machines to do the work for you? 

In 1998, Craig asked us to design a web site that combines the amazing customer-response tools and direct response marketing of his system with the most cutting-edge Internet marketing tools and software to reach new prospects and better service his clients.

And we succeeded!  Last year, Craig’s Success Website generated more than $250,000 in commissions for his business.  This year, with an estimated 50% of all his new leads coming from his web site, the sky is the limit.  He may sell as many as 200 homes this year from leads generated on his web site (he could easily exceed $1,000,000 in commissions just from his web site)!

AND, the best news of all is that Craig’s website system is now yours, and you can achieve the same incredible results.  Every part of the system has been used, tested, re-tested, and refined, not only in Craig’s own real estate business, but in hundreds of others as well.  At last count, the Success Website was being used by over 1,100 real estate agents from all across North America– with amazing results.  Success Website owners have learned that it really is possible to triple your real estate sales while working no more than a standard 40-hour week.

The Ultimate Internet Success Solution for Realtors!

The Success Website is a complete, proven-to-sell, generate-the-lead, sift-and-sort-the-prospect, automatically-follow-up-forever, close-the-deal Internet solution, that-really-works — GUARANTEED! 

Let me make this last statement perfectly clear…

  • Complete” – We provide you with everything YOU need to have the best possible Internet solution:

    • your own domain name
    • email & web site hosting
    • ongoing maintenance & monthly upgrades – you’ll NEVER be out of date!
    • automatic stay-in-contact follow-up system
    • step-by-step web site marketing instructions
    • industry-specific content
    • monthly search engine registrations
    • monthly promotional newsletter packed with verifiable insider success secrets from top agents around the globe
    • monthly site enhancement newsletter
    • technical support
    • graphical web site statistics
    • site customization using our proprietary Web Site Control Panel
    • referrals & affiliate programs
    • …and much, much more…

    In short, the whole enchilada, and then some!

  • Proven-To-Sell” – The system has already been proven to work in some of the most successful real estate businesses in the world.  Whether you are big or small, this system will work for you.  Every word, page, script and headline has been tested and retested by some of the most successful realtors in North America.  And we continue to perfect it every day.
  • Generate-The-Lead” – Using the latest in proven direct response marketing techniques, the Success Website provides numerous registration incentives that turn anonymous web surfers into hot prospects!
  • Sift-And-Sort-The-Prospect” – Not only will the Success Website generate leads, it will automatically pre-qualify those leads so you don’t waste a second with tire-kickers.
  • Automatically-Follow-Up-Forever” – As I’m sure you know, any business that doesn’t use a reliable follow-up system is leaving a TON of cash on the table.  A system that delivers the complete sales message.  A system that will make clients remember your name.  A system that programs clients for repeat business, referrals, and testimonials, with minimal effort.  Our proprietary Automatic Stay-In-Contact Follow-Up System makes this easier than ever.  Once identified, each prospect will automatically be delivered a complete campaign of follow-up messages via email.  This is much more than a simple auto-responder — a complete campaign of messages will be delivered at pre-set intervals for as long as you want.  We even provide you with a professionally written monthly newsletter for your clients.
  • Close-The-Deal” – Isn’t this what it’s all about?
  • That-Really-Works” – Hundreds of agents from around North America are already having success with this incredible solution.  Whether you are a grizzled real estate veteran or completely new to the game, this Internet system will work for you.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at some of the incredible success stories enclosed with this report.
  • GUARANTEED” – Our unparalled triple guarantee ensures that you will succeeed!

How does it work? …

We will design and build your web site and provide the content.  Not only will your web site include Craig Proctor’s tried, tested, and proven scripts, reports, and unique selling propositions, it also includes hundreds of improvements and proven Direct Response marketing campaigns developed in conjunction with many of the top realtors from across North America.  Proven, profit-producing programs such as a VIP Buyer program, Guaranteed Sale program, Distress properties, FSBO’s and much more…  You’ll be able to implement these systems EXACTLY as the top 2% of realtors do to get the same profitable results, without all the back-breaking development work and cost.

Create an unfair advantage for yourself by using cutting edge technology.  Your web site will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without complaint.  This is the ultimate in leveraging yourself with technology.  You’ll never have to worry about your web site becoming out of date.  Your web site will ALWAYS feature the latest technology.  As new computer technologies emerge (and they always do) our experts will be there to evaluate and implement the most profitable ones for you.

The Success Website team takes the guesswork out of what you need on your web site.  We provide all the information you need to make this system come to life:  complete, no-b.s., easy to understand, step-by-step instructions to promote your site and follow-up the leads to maximize your sales.  And as your business grows, we’ll be there to help you apply new strategies to your web site.

How much do I really need to know about the Internet?

You don’t need to know anything about computers or the Internet!  We take care of everything — initial development, programming, web site hosting, and site maintenance.  You don’t need to find a separate Internet Service Provider to host your site.  Your web site will be up and running on the Internet, within one week, with a support team behind it that understands your business.  Once it’s online, you don’t need to worry about it.  You simply follow-up on the HOT prospects that are automatically generated for you.  If you have questions, we’ll be there to answer them.

Just like any other technology, all you really need to know is how to use it successfully.  Let the technical experts worry about how it works.

If you don’t yet have a domain name, we’ll help you select and register your own unique domain name (e.g.[1]   If you already have a registered “.com” domain, we’ll transfer it to your new Success Website for FREE, and even include some of your existing content.[2]   Either way, you will have your own web site FAST (most sites are online within one week after the completion of the domain name registration or transfer)!

Now you may be thinking, “Can I customize my web site?”  As part of your web site, you will receive access to your very own Web Site Control Panel.  This easy to use control panel allows you to customize the sales messages for your own marketplace, anytime you like, as often as you like, from the comfort of your own home or office.  You can choose to include or exclude any of the pre-existing content as easily as flicking a light switch on or off.  You can even change the text or “tweak” the content for your specific marketplace.  Nothing could be easier or simpler.  And don’t worry, we include easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.  If you can surf the web, you’ll be able to customize your web site, quickly and easily, with no special software or expertise.